San Miguel Real Estate


We are a team of marketing professionals who have associated with Calderoni Properties of San Miguel de Allende, México. Founded in 2002 by Ben Calderoni, a Houston Broker with vast experience in residential and commercial real estate, Calderoni Properties has brokered the most prestigious San Miguel property transactions to date.

The Calderoni branding, reputation, and established presence of over a decade in San Miguel de Allende is now ready to bring to you premium properties with minimum risk.

We will carefully select five to six properties which are at the market value or below. These will be luxury residential, commercial, ranches or development properties. Our intent is to use our proven experience to bring to you the opportunities not often found in San Migue de Allende.


With our new venture, Premium Properties SMA, we will always provide our clients with the best opportunities available in the luxury property market.

Our expertise in selecting only the best properties available in this prestigious city will make your dream a reality and bring you a premium life style which you deserve.

Review our select properties and then come see us to so that we can begin to make your dream come true.

King Ranch
Price: $4,500,000 USD | Location: Hwy to DR Mora
Casa Heyne

Price: $3,800,000 USD | Location: Cañadita de los Aguacates
Los Faroles Estate

Price: $2,850,000 USD | Location: Atascadero
Stirling Dickinson Commercial Property

Price: $1,250,000 USD | Location: San Antonio
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