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Villas San Angel is one of the very few residential developments in San Miguel de Allende where exclusivity, security and privacy set the tone for the privileged who know how to enjoy life. The 16 villas that have been planned feature state of the art facilities, and include all the amenities which the connoisseur normally requests.

There is no limit to please each and every one of the future residents, as several blueprints will offer floorplans of villas that are designed to accommodate both the ambitious and the traditional.

Just 5 minutes from the tolling of the bells, the folklore, and unique gastronomy, your home at Villas San Angel will be waiting for you to enjoy nature at its best, and feed the soul with peace and tranquility in the slice of heaven

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  • Total land area 1-85-76.08 hectares.
  • Very exclusive development: only 16 villas.
  • Underground utilities: water, power and phone to each lot.
  • In site water well, own water supply:
    • Depth of well-150 mts.x 2" with certified permits from federal water organism.
    • Chlorination system for drinking water.
    • 50,000 liter water deposit for distribution.
    • Pressure pumps - one from the well - 2 from the water network with constant pressure control.
    • Underground three fase grid transmission to each lot (meter center on the outside of the development).
  • Telephone and internet network with 2 lines for each batch and wireless broadband internet in common areas.
  • 9.5 meter wide all around cobbled street - wide sidewalks on cobbled street.
  • All around brick fencing in whole development.
  • Only one entrance to development with security guard.
  • Swimming pool and Jacuzzi.
  • Terrace and bathroom in swimming pool area.
  • Gym adjacent to pool.
  • Professional landscaping.
  • Lighting in common areas.
  • Automatic sprinkler watering system in all common areas.
  • Security and maintenance living quarters.
  • Electrical meters on outside of main entrance.
  • 2 storage rooms on outside of main entrance - 27 m2 each.
  • Electrical room where all wiring and major equipment are installed. Pressure pumps, well pumps, main water network, timers for automatic sprinkler system.
  • Underground room for pool and jacuzzi equipment - filters, pumps, drains, chlorinator.
  • 24 hour security on site with direct access to police department and alarm monitoring.

  • Total Land 18576.08 M2 100%
    Commercial Lot (not included) 211.13 M2 0.79%
    Land to be developed 18364.95 M2 99.21%

    Individual Lot Sizes

    L-1 738.02 M2 3.97%
    L-2 637.37 M2 3.43%
    L-3 657.94 M2 3.54%
    L-4 946.01 M2 5.09%
    L-5 715.86 M2 3.85%
    L-6 651.04 M2 3.50%
    L-7A 528.62 M2 2.85%
    L-7B 571.85 M2 3.08%
    L-8A 551.65 M2 2.97%
    L-8B 543.67 M2 2.93%
    L-9 681.13 M2 3.67%
    L-10 681.84 M2 3.67%
    L-11 814.47 M2 4.38%
    L-12 810.46 M2 4.36%
    L-13 695.61 M2 3.74%
    L-14 680.45 M2 3.66%
    BRANER offices 116.28 M2 0.63%
    Total Land in Lots 11022.27 M2 59.3%
    Total Price $4,850,000.00 USD

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